Sound Bath Glasgow

Sound Bath Glasgow

At Yoga Meditation Healing we offer two Sound Bath options – One Fridays per month Pól holds a Sound Bath Meditation from 6:00 – 7:00pm. Aga holds a Sound bath workshop one Saturday a month at 5:00pm. Both are suitable for all levels, including beginners.

Pól has a musical background and has been writing, recording and producing his own compositions for over forty years. His interest in using sound as a healing technique goes back over twenty years when his musical research took him into the science of music, ancient tuning techniques, in particular the ancient tuning known as the Solfeggio frequencies. These frequencies have been used in both western Christianity – best known through the chants of Gregorian monks and in Eastern ancient Indian Sanskrit chants.

In 2007 Pól had the privilege to train under Bharath Shetty from Indea Yoga based in Mysore, India – Chanting these ancient Sanskrit chants was a daily practice for two months.  The deep meditative states and benefits attained using these techniques are well documented.

In 2012 Pól released an album titled “Yoga Meditation Healing” under his label Om In Womb, which has been a great success. Within the songs he used beautifully tuned singing bowls, thumb cymbals, chimes, vocals, acoustic guitars and piano. The album included Tibetan and Indian Sanskrit chants, as well as some of Póls own compositions. Other albums Pól has released have the Solfeggio frequencies incorporated within the soundscape of the tracks, blended with sound therapy instruments and a wide selection of singing bowls that he has collected from many countries over decades of travel. His latest additions are 7 Crystal bowls tuned at 432hz.

 His favourite is a Crystal bowl which is tuned to 528hz – Which creates amazing Sound Healing results for your body and mind.

Healing Meditation Music by Om In Womb

The Latest Album by Pól which includes Sound Healing – Singing Bowls, Deeply Relaxing Sounds of Nature and a Gentle Guided Visualisation.

The Friday 6:00pm Sound Bath Meditation (One Friday per month) offers a holistic approach to wellness tailored to address modern challenges. Through a blend of Sound Bath, meditation, sound therapy, yoga nidra, breath work and relaxation techniques, you will learn to navigate the tumultuous waters of anxiety, fatigue and stress, finding an anchor in our supportive community. Other Friday 6:00pm classes which offer a similar experience is our Hypno-Healing Class (One Friday per Month) and the Shamanic Savasana meditation (One Friday per month) All three of these classes will take you to a peaceful, deeply relaxed state. Leaving you refreshed and energised to fully enjoy for your weekend. All of these classes are suitable for beginners. No experience is necessary.

Aga has a Love for Life and all things! I have been leading Meditation classes, Sound healing events, Retreats and workshops of all kinds for years now. I hold a PhD in Natural Sciences (Molecular Parasitology). I have completed the scientific career for now, in order to devote my time and energy to the Spiritual work that Expanding Consciousness is the fruit of (or rather one of the fruits lol).

My passions are obviously Meditation & connecting with Spirit, Crystals, Sound (I’m a Sound healer), Inner Child work and all matters of enhancing one’s life. I love reading, Nature, the sea, the forests, the beach, the Sun, the trees, flowers and plants, rivers and streams. I am passionate about a lot of activities in general (including kite surfing). I get my inspiration from observing and participating in Life on this planet and from my Dream time that serves me as a time for learning, healing and fun. I use all my experiences in my teachings. I am all for teaching by example.


At Expanding Consciousness our purpose is to empower You, help You realise who You Truly Are. We believe that by raising your vibration and expanding Your consciousness you assist Yourself and our beloved planet raising her vibration! When we come together as a coherent group of individuals we broadcast heightened consciousness states and unconditional love of multiplied power. Then we can actually change an existing field of consciousness, an existing reality, and create a reality that is more loving, more joyful and peaceful for everyone.

Aga holds regular Sound bath workshops each month at Yoga Meditation Healing.

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