Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Trauma Sensitive Yoga


Suzie is a trauma informed yoga teacher, and mindfulness teacher. During this four-week block, she will support you to begin to understand and regulate your nervous system, by offering tools to support a connection back to the self, in safe and calm environment. Everyone is welcome to the Trauma Sensitive Yoga class.

Trauma and chronic stress can be held within the body and can take our nervous system into a survival and protective state.

The yoga class will offer a guided and supportive practice, including meditation, gentle movement, awareness of breath and relaxation. The class is structured to support traumatised and stressed nervous systems to relax.

Everything offered during the yoga class is optional. No physical adjustments will be made during class. The class is held every Thursday from 8-9pm.

The cost of the 4 x week course is £50. To Book into this class, or if you have any questions, please email Suzie below:

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