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Shamanic healing is an experiential and transformational process to transmute negative, imbalanced or blocked energies or dis-ease into the positive. Pól uses a variety of Shamanic & Druidic techniques to guide you on your journey of self healing & wellbeing. If you have been experiencing fear, anxiety or grief, or if you are stuck in a negative life path or toxic relationship; whether that relationship is personal, work related or family related or have suffered a trauma, recent or in the distant past, or suffer from an addiction or emotional/mental conflict and are seeking a remedy, then you may benefit from a private Shamanic 121 session.

Pól completed a shamanic training course in 2006 with Mark & Claudia at the Edinburgh Shamanic Centre. In 2009, he traveled to Montana, USA to work with a Native American tribe originally known as the A’aninin (White Clay people), now known as the Gros Ventre tribe. Pól took part in sweat lodges and ceremonies with locals under the guidance of a Medicine Man. He offered therapeutic yoga classes and healing sessions to many of the tribe members, who suffered from the legacy their ancestors experienced under the influx of settlers and the ensuing destruction of their culture.

Spiritual Counselling is an adaptation of Shamanic & Druidic techniques, which seeks to heal an individual from ancestral negative habits and beliefs, which can follow generations.

Various Global Shamanic traditions.

Contrary to belief Shamanism is not a religious practice. Shamanism is an umbrella term and has its root in the eastern Tungusian languages, in which the word is known as Saman, meaning a ritual specialist. Shamanism’s ancestry reveals itself through many different titles throughout many different cultures. The indigenous North American cultures equivalent being a Medicine man or Medicine woman. European shamans were known as Alchemists and Magicians. The Central and Southern Americas also use the word Shaman. The “Original” peoples of what is now called Australia – derogatorily called “Ab-original” – have a similar system known as witch doctors. Closer to home we have the term Druid, (from Dryd) with its rites, rituals and seasonal celebrations, like the festival of Samhaim (Samhna). Whatever the label, the Shaman, Druid, Medicine Man/Woman or Witch Doctor, all have many things in common; they journey to do battle with other worldly forces which exist in alternative realities, to release those negative forces from the afflicted being. During such journeys, the client is resting in a sleep like state. In our modern world such ways may seem arcane, defunct or outright non-sense, but many who have experienced such work are fully aware of the benefits and healing they bring. Stories of anthropologists investigating shamans believed them to be frauds. However, with the passing of time it is now understood that they availed of similar techniques that are now used within the world of Psychology and Counselling.

Questions and Answers

  • How long does a session last? – Approximately 2 hours.
  • How much does a session cost?1 x Session: £75 / 3 x Sessions £195
  • Where is the session held? – At our Studio – Map Here
  • Do you offer Online Sessions? – Yes, via Zoom.
  • How can I book a session?Book Here

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