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“The Perfect Gift”

Extensive research has shown that music recorded with certain rhythms and beats per minute (BPM) assists the ultimate relaxation, bringing wonderful, natural benefits to our immune system and helping with deeper, revitalizing sleep patterns. This mp3 is designed to create calming brain waves, helping to release stress and anxiety. The album has been professionally recorded and produced to the highest standards using modern musical techniques, natural sounds from nature, including Tibetan singing Bowls and rhythms which will help you to achieve a level of Relaxation that you may not have experienced in a very long time.

The music is Perfect for use in a Yoga class, to aid Meditation, to Improve Sleeping Patterns, or to help bring harmony to any place of healing.

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Om In Womb – Yoga Meditation Healing.

This beguiling Album is a fusion of Ancient Tibetan & Sanskrit Chants with a well balanced mixture of ethnic and acoustic instruments; from the amazing healing sounds of Tibetan medicine Bowls to the wonderful earthy and tribal sound of a Didgeridoo. Add ethereal vocal harmonies and you have a wonderful Mp3 for Yoga Practice, Meditation, Relaxation – Or to Deepen Sleep.


An added benefit of using the above music is that you can take it with you on your mp3 player or phone, so that you can use it to relax throughout your day. When you sit on a train, lunch in the park, or go for a walk, the possibilities are endless.

A fantastic way to Quickly Relax, and with practice you will learn to Quickly calm a busy mind:

  • Will bring a Blissed out feeling to any Yoga Class.
  • Ancient Sanskrit chants – Perfect for Meditation.
  • Relax and unwind to beautiful sounds of nature.
  • Listen online for free – Streaming audio.
  • Helps improve Sleeping patterns.
  • Healing vibrations of Medicine bowls and chimes.
  • Release Anxiety – Holistically.
  • Excellent for relieving Stress from a busy working day.
Questions and Answers.
  • How do I download an Mp3? – Via Itunes & Amazon.
  • Can I stream the audio for free? – Yes, via itunes and Amazon.
  • Who produces the Music? – Yoga Meditation Healing.
  • What is the cost per download? It varies on itunes & Amazon.

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Relaxation Music for Yoga Meditation, Stress Relief & Sleep
Relax and Unwind to Om In Womb

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