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Somatic Yoga is a therapeutic and healing movement practice  which builds mindfulness, proprioception and interoception. Somatics are embodied movements that help you reconnect with your body. The term was coined by Thomas Hanna in 1976 and now represents movement with a focus on internal physical sensations, experiences and perceptions of the body.

Somatic Yoga movements free the spine, pelvis, hips, neck and shoulders through small, soft and slow movements which help your tissues open and breathe and support ease of movement whilst releasing tiredness, strains and stresses. Somatic movements are particularly helpful for those with chronic tension, pain, anxiety, stress, inflammation, trauma and fatigue.

A somatic yoga practice can conserve and restore your energy, increase your vitality, improve your mobility, balance, coordination and the quality of your breathing and sleeping. Somatic movements can also help you regain strength and support your recovery, rehabilitation and overall health and wellbeing. Paula’s guiding of somatic movements are explorative, subtle, meditative and restorative and focus on how the movements feel as opposed to what they look like. The practice is one of experiencing, moving, feeling and being.

Paula offers one to one sessions in somatic movements for healing and recovery. You can find a link below to book a 121 somatic session. In addition, she teaches somatic movements as part of Yoga Therapeutics held on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10am. She also incorporates somatic movements into the beginning of all her classes to aid grounding and releasing of tensions.

Paula has studied SATYA 1 (Somatic Awareness Training for Yoga Attunement) with Tias Little of Prajna Yoga. She has also studied Yoga and Somatics for Healing and Recovery (76 hours) with Charlotte Watts. Paula’s studies with Tias continue next year.

Questions and Answers

  • I am a beginner, can I attend? – Beginners of all ages welcome
  • What class teaches Somatic movements? – Yoga Therapeutics Here:
  • What is the cost? – £13 / £10
  • What should I wear? – Loose fitting comfortable clothes
  • Do I need a Yoga Mat? – Yes (Mats can be supplied for free)
  • Do I need footwear? – Yoga is practised barefoot.
  • Where is your Studio? – Map Here
  • How do I book a Yoga class? – Book Here

Somatic Yoga Private 121

  • What is the cost? – £65
  • How long does a 121 last? – 60 minutes
  • How can I book a 121? – Book Here


After a period of bad flare of fibromyalgia I attended three one-to-one sessions with Paula as I had lost my confidence to practice yoga. Paula is extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and health issues but it is also about the connection she makes with you and her intuition that guides what you do in the sessions. they were really special – healing and inspirational. Paula has a wonderful presence. Paula gave me advice about breathing and gentle movement exercises I could do in the morning – really simple – and has made a huge difference. It has helped so much I am now back attending class!

Clare McGinley

I have been attending weekly Yoga Therapeutics classes led by Paula for over a year and have also benefited from a one-to-one session. Paula is a highly intuitive, kind and responsive teacher. I feel that the classes are very helpful in managing the psychological and physical wear and tear of being human.

Karina Vidler

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