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Ocean of Love Mp3
Healing Meditation Music by Om In Womb

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Ocean Of Love Mp3

Healing Meditation Music

Healing Meditation complemented with Music is a powerful way to create a positive and transformational change to your life. Pól has decades of experience writing guided imagery and relaxation scripts along with producing his own music. Pól’s melodic voice guides his students into deeply relaxing and meditative states. Over the years he has gained in depth knowledge in the use of many harmonious and healing frequencies, for example medicine / singing bowls and isochronic tones / brainwave entrainment.

Being a soundscape designer he incorporates nature sounds within his recordings, from the beautiful sound of a babbling mountain stream, an ocean surf falling onto an idyllic beach, the relaxing sounds of bees in a sunny meadow or the crunch of autumn leaves on an ancient forest floor. These sounds facilitate the imagination of the listener to guide them on deeply healing, relaxing and blissful journeys.

The above Sound Healing Album – Ocean of Love is a guided relaxation which includes the use of many nature sounds from within our beautiful oceans: Singing whales with their beautiful songs, the sounds of playful dolphins and water sounds from ocean surf and beaches. The distant sound of a relaxed heart beat, wrapped in softly spoken words, encourages you to embrace the healing of Love that will take you to the depth of peace and acceptance. As a skilled soundscape designer, he has incorporated the Sound Healing frequencies of singing bowls and also uses the new technology of isochronic tones – both of which engender deep states of peace, calm and relaxation. Let go into the healing potential of Love and feel yourself gently led through the healing script of the Ocean of Love.

The heart is the balancing point between body and mind. It harmonises the lower chakras with the upper chakras. The Ocean of Love is therefore designed to help you create balance.

With Pól’s melodic voice and calming music you will find yourself quickly drifting away into a deeply relaxing, blissed out, calm and peaceful state.

The benefits of guided imagery and visualisation are many:

  • Release anxiety
  • Boosts your mood creating a positive outlook
  • Lowers stress
  • Relieves pain and discomfort
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Releases tension and relaxes the body
  • Calms the mind

Guide to getting the most from the guided relaxations and music:

  • Choose a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed
  • Rest in a comfortable place, seated or lying down
  • Turn off phones, Tv’s etc
  • For best results use headphones
  • Remain with the guided meditations for as long as you require
  • The more you practice the greater the benefits

The benefits of nature sounds within guided meditations:

  • Studies have shown that Bird sounds help reduce stress
  • Water sounds engender a more positive outlook
  • Forest sounds create a sense of calm
  • Natural sounds within nature allow us to feel safe

The benefits of Isochronic tones and singing bowls:

  • Isochronic tones (brainwave entrainment) create an ability to change dominant brainwave frequencies
  • Low beta or alpha frequency isochronic tones reduce stress and anxiety
  • Low delta frequency waves reduce beta activity which helps you to get to sleep faster
  • Research has shown that singing bowls stimulate alpha and theta brain waves
  • Alpha and theta waves are associated with deep meditative, peaceful states
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