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Meditation is an integral part of the system of yoga with many physical, emotional and psychological benefits. Pól began a daily practice of meditation in the summer of 2007 after he attended a 10 day silent meditation retreat at a centre in Hertfordshire. Over the following years, he returned back to the centre to complete a total of three 10 day silent retreats. This helped him attain a deeper understanding and practice of meditation. With his combined comprehension of yoga, pranayama and meditation, Pól created a simple format to instruct meditation providing the greatest gains for his students. He offers a fusion of simple meditation techniques, breathing exercises (pranayama), guided visualisation, imagery and relaxation techniques. The Friday meditation class is called Shamanic Savasana & Meditation and is held on Fridays at 6:00pm. There is also a Meditation class held every Monday from 7:45pm – 8:45pm called Breathe, Meditate, & Relax which is also suitable for complete beginners. This class teaches you simple techniques to improve your physical & mental wellbeing whilst improving respiratory health. It will leave you completely relaxed and prepare your body and mind for a deep revitalising sleep.

Meditation is unique to the individual. It is subjective and experiential. By attending a meditation class, you will learn a variety of simple techniques to help you on your meditation journey.

Meditation is well researched and its benefits scientifically evidence based. Below are a few examples of the benefits of meditation.

The benefits of Meditation.

  • Meditation can reduce anxiety & stress
  • Improves sleep
  • Increases attention
  • Meditation reduces mental disturbances
  • It can help control pain
  • Promotes emotional health and wellbeing
  • Help control high blood pressure
  • Brings calmness to the mind
  • Increases focus and attention
  • Meditation improves cognition

Questions & Answers.

  1. I have no experience of Meditation. Can I join a class? – Yes, they are suitable for all
  2. How can I book into the Meditation Class? – Book Here
  3. When are the Meditation Classes? – Every Monday & 2nd Friday
  4. What time is the class? – Monday: 7:45pm-8:45pm / Friday6:00-7:15pm
  5. Where is it held? – At our Lansdowne Crescent Studio: Map Here
  6. How much does it cost? – £12
  7. Is this class suitable for Beginners? – Yes
Meditation Research Links & Benefits.

Below is an in depth resource to research on the many benefits of practicing meditation.

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