Class Descriptions

Class Description

Beginners Yoga

Complete Beginners yoga for all ages and physical abilities, or for those who wish to return to a weekly yoga practice after taking a break from yoga. You will be guided step by step through the foundational aspects of yoga with a gentle introduction to beginner level yoga poses and sequences along with simple breathing practices and guided relaxation. As you progress through the Complete Beginners yoga class you will gain confidence to then feel comfortable attending a general level yoga class, whether that be at your local gym, your local yoga studio, in your home, or to remain practicing yoga with us at one of our many yoga classes; in studio or online.

Move & Mellow Yoga

We begin with an enlivening active vinyasa flow focused around spinal mobility and the sun salutation followed by long held yin poses to work into the hips, shoulders and spine. We slowly and mindfully work into our fascia to aid the mobility, hydration and health of our joints and connective tissues. We end with a guided restorative and relaxation session. This carefully designed and balanced Yin and Yang flow is a deeply nurturing practice which will leave you feeling relaxed and ready for the week ahead.


Over 60's Yoga

This mindful movement floor and seated based class is designed with Paula & Pol’s Over 60s Community in mind yet it is suitable for anyone looking to improve their joint mobility and range of motion whilst building up strength and appropriate flexibility. The whole class can be practised on a chair if you prefer. Variations and modifications are provided throughout class ensuring accessibility for all who attend. We also practice breath awareness meditation and guided relaxation. The class is held online on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10am. For those looking for an in person practice at the studio, please see the Yoga Therapeutics class description.


Shamanic Savasana Meditation

The Shamanic Savasana Meditation is a simple and enjoyable way to experience deep meditative states. The class is suitable from complete beginners to experienced meditators. The meditation class begins with a warmup of simple mindful movements, breath awareness, breathing techniques and a style of guided meditation known as journeying using story telling, visualisation and imagery. The remainder of the meditation class is spent lying down in Savasana (a supported resting pose) to facilitate complete relaxation as you are guided on a relaxation journey by Pól. This is the perfect end to your week, bringing clarity of mind and deep relaxation for your mind and body. An absolute stress buster for our modern lives. 

When: Every 1st & 3rd Friday of each month


Vinyasa Flow Yoga

A creative, unique, strong and dynamic flowing sequence around the sun salutation followed by a wide variety of standing and seated asanas designed to increase strength and flexibility. Paula teaches from a functional approach and provides modifications and variations to help you to find your own level of depth and comfort.


Classical Ashtanga Yoga

Classical Ashtanga Yoga refers to the 8 limb path within Patanjali’s Raja yoga sutras. Not to be confused with ashtanga vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga. Pól will guide you through Classical Ashtanga Yoga sequences to help develop Stamina, Strength and Flexibility within your personal practice. With patience and time you will gain a deeper understanding of your own yoga practice and the confidence to experiment with the more challenging aspects of Classical Ashtanga Yoga.


Yin Yoga

Indulge in the slow, calm and mindful practice of yin yoga for the hips, legs, spine and shoulders. Yin is a less active style of yoga and yet a challenging practice as we hold our poses for a few minutes and focus on releasing and relaxing the muscles to work into the deeper connective tissues and fascia. We practice a yin yoga flow to move the spine through all six degrees of freedom whilst freeing into the hips and working into the legs. This quiet and still practice helps to cultivate breath and body awareness and release stresses and tensions from the mind and body. Paula teaches from a functional approach and provides modifications and variations to suit your unique body and help you find your own level of depth and comfort. Weekly classes are available in addition to extended monthly classes.


Yoga Therapuetics

This class focuses on the therapeutic and restorative benefits of yoga. It is suitable for anyone looking to improve their joint mobility and range of motion whilst building up muscular strength, mobility and appropriate flexibility. We practice slow, gentle and fluid movements and focus on spinal health and mobilisation, a joint freeing series of movements, breath and body awareness, meditation, simple breath practices and we end class with restorative deep relaxation. Although a small group class, Paula/Pol provides variations and modifications throughout class to meet the needs of each individual student ensuring accessibility and participation for all who attend. This class supports your health and wellbeing and promotes a mental, physical and emotional balance.

Restorative Yoga- Rest, Relax & Restore

Rest is an innate part of self health and wellbeing. Deep conscious and constructive rest provides the mind and body with peace, balance and vitality. Rest is essential, indispensable and a foundation for self-preservation. This class includes restorative yoga, guided relaxation and meditation to relax, soothe and unwind the mind, breath and body. The class is designed to improve your feeling of being-well and help to release stresses within the body and mind. It is a floor based practice with the support of bolsters, blankets and pillows and suitable for everybody. Two hour classes run regularly throughout the year.


Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

Pól has developed his own unique blend of Classical Ashtanga, Vinyasa Krama and Hatha Yoga to create distinctive, expansive and exceptionally composed sequences to provide you with a full body-mind workout. Pól’s philosophy is that yoga is for Every One, Every Body and Every Mind and as a result adapts and modifies the class to ensure the building of strength, stamina and flexibility of all who attend.


Spring Wellbeing- Yin & Restorative

Support the health and wellbeing of your mind and body with a slow and quiet yoga practice for Spring. Our Spring yin flow is specially designed to release stagnant energy and to help restore balance, vibrancy and energy. The yin practice will help release tensions and stresses from the spine and hips and support wellbeing. We will also practice restorative yoga poses to aid complete rest and relaxation before we end with a guided relaxation. Next class is Sunday 3rd April from 1pm to 3:30pm.


Chakra Yoga

Recharge your energy with a Chakra Balancing Yoga Class. The chakra system can be viewed as energy map of our body. Over time and through life experiences, our chakras can be blocked or imbalanced; this can have a direct impact on our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. You will be guided through specific poses and movements aimed at unblocking and balancing each of the seven chakras. The practice will finish with a deeply relaxing Chakra Yoga Nidra that will leave you feeling balanced, grounded and energised in body, mind and spirit. The next class will be held in the studio on Saturday 10th April from 1pm to 3pm with Eleanor.


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