Guided Chakra Meditation.

“The Perfect Gift”

This Guided Chakra Meditation & Visualization is a simple, yet powerful way to experience the soothing and calming nature of blissful music and Guided Meditation. Helping you to naturally reduce Anxiety & release Stress & Tension from a modern busy life in a Holistic, Complementary way. This is a high quality non-religious, meditative and Deeply calming self help product designed to bring balance to Mind, Body and soul, leading us back to the one truth – “We are born Perfect, We just forget that”

If you answer Yes to any of the following:

1. Are you Stressed? 2. Experiencing Tension? 3. Low in energy – Lethargic?

4. Suffer from Insomnia? 5. Experiencing Anxiety? 6. Feeling depressed?

7. Poor sleeping Patterns? – Tired after a nights Sleep? 8. Worry a lot – Busy Mind?

Then did you know that extensive scientific research has shown that Guided meditation supported by music recorded with certain rhythms and beats per minute (BPM) aid the ultimate relaxation and that Guided visualisations bring wonderful, natural benefits to our immune system and help with deeper, revitalizing sleep patterns. Our relaxation music and Guided meditation visualizations have been professionally recorded and produced to the highest standards using musical techniques, natural sounds from nature, Tibetan singing Bowls and rhythms which will help you to achieve a level of Relaxation that you may not have experienced in a very long time.

A Wonderful Gift for Yourself, or for a Loved one you know would benefit from its deepest healing.

“Balance your Chakras and still your mindYou’re Worth it!”

Chakra Healing Meditation Mp3

Guided Chakra Healing Meditation.

This Restorative and Rejuvenating Mp3 is designed to bring Harmony to the Chakras. Using simple meditation practices alongside musical landscapes, the natural Healing vibrations of Tibetan bowls, complemented by a colour therapy visualization, takes you gently to a blissed-out and tranquil state. A Holistic, Complementary method to release Stress & Anxiety from your body & mind.

An added benefit of using the above relaxation media is that you can take it with you on your mp3 player or phone, so that you can use it to relax throughout your day. When you sit on a train, lunch in the park, or go for a walk, the possibilities are endless. A fantastic way to Relax, and with practice you will learn to Quickly calm a busy mind –

  • Helps with Depression.
  • Bring Calmness to your life.
  • Release from Anxiety.
  • Detoxify from Stress.
  • Put Insomnia to sleep.
  • Enjoy the blissed out sounds.
  • Excellent for relieving Stress from a busy working day.

Questions and Answers.

  • How do I download an Mp3? – Via Itunes & Amazon – See above.
  • Who produces the Guided Meditation? – Yoga Meditation Healing.
  • What is the cost per download? It varies on itunes & Amazon.

This Guided Meditation can bring you the Key for Your Deeper Well Being & Improved Health:

  • Your Personal Key to Well Being.
  • De-Stress.
  • Let go of worry.
  • Unwind.
  • Helps with Anxiety.
  • Relax.
  • Complements other techniques.
  • Brings Well Being to Body & Mind.
  • Improve Your Sleeping Patterns.
  • Manage Stress more effectively.
  • Helps Calm a Busy Mind.
  • If you need any further advice on our Relaxation Products:

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