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Sun Salutation Yoga Home Practice.

Learn Yoga Postures Online With This Free Home Practice Download
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The Yoga Postures shown within this Free Online Yoga Download is part of what is a major sequence of many Yoga Classes Worldwide: The Sun Salutation, also Known as Surya Namaskar. The Sun Salutation Yoga lessons detail a Flowing Yoga Exercise and Postures which will Quickly help Tone Your Body, and still your mind – Your own Stress Management Technique, at it’s simplist and Best. Once you have mastered the technique and you are confident that you are following all of the instruction correctly, and you are ready to begin your home practice; start with a few rounds each morning, building up to a level that suits you, within your personal daily schedule. Remember, take it easy, don’t force the seqence, open your body slowly “One Millimeter a Day” Over time, that adds up to a lot of millimetres, and you will come to enjoy the many benefits your Daily practice will bring you.

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Care and Attention whilst considering Yoga Practice.

This Free Online Yoga Practice is suitable for most individuals, however, care should be taken that you do not work outwith your own bodies comfortable limit, never force your yoga practice, always building your practice gradually, slowly, with care and attention over the days and weeks. If in any doubt regarding your health or ability to perform the Sun Salutation shown you should always consult your doctor or Certified yoga teacher, in order to confirm that any condition you may have does not proclude you from practicing the yoga routine and poses described within this free download. Always read the limitations detailed within the Sun Salutation Yoga Home practice document, and if relevant, amend your practice so as not to do yourself any harm.

It should be noted: Perfoming yoga incorrectly will be more detrimental to your health than not doing yoga at all. No liability will be accepted for any injuries incurred whilst practicing any part of this free Sun Salutation Home Practice PDF Download. If in doubt, help from a fully qualified yoga instructor should be sought.

Some of the Benefits of the Yoga Home Practice:

  • Download Includes detailed instructions on Yoga Poses, Postures and Breathwork.
  • It will help you to develope your own Daily Yoga Home Practice.
  • For Beginners to Yoga, it will give you the confidence to enter a Yoga Class in Your local area as:
  • You will have already made yourself familiar with the various names of the Yoga poses, postures.
  • You will be confident with the sequence in which they are to be followed during Yoga Classes.

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