Yoga Meditation Healing hold regular Events at their West End Glasgow Yoga Studio. Held throughout the week, with various Workshop at the weekends. Below you will find a list of the Events at Yoga Meditation Healing Glasgow. To explore more details of all held at our West End Glasgow Yoga Meditation Healing Studio click on the Read More Links.

Yin Yoga Classes – Glasgow, West End

Yin Yoga Classes - Glasgow - West End

Indulge in the slow, calm and mindful practice of yin yoga for the hips, legs, spine and shoulders. Yin is a less active style of yoga and yet a challenging practice as we hold our poses for a few minutes and focus on releasing and relaxing the muscles to work into the deeper connective tissues and fascia… Read More

Restorative Yoga Classes – Glasgow, West End

Restorative Yoga Glasgow Classes - West End

Support the health and well-being of your mind and body with an immersion into Restorative Yoga… This will be followed by a deeply nourishing restorative yoga practice… Read More

Beginners Yoga Classes – Glasgow, West End

Beginners Yoga Glasgow

For all ages and physical abilities, or for those who wish to return to a weekly yoga practice… You will be guided step by step through the foundational aspects of yoga with a gentle introduction to beginner level yoga poses and sequences along with simple breathing practices and guided relaxation… Read More

Breath, Meditate & Relax Classes – Glasgow, West End

Breathe, Meditate & Relax Class - Release Stress & Anxiety

This wellbeing class is suitable for complete beginners to seasoned practitioners. Focusing on Respiratory Health & Mental Wellbeing….helps the practitioner to achieve a deep state of Physical and Mental relaxation, whilst improving respiratory health… Read More

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