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    • What style of Yoga do you offer? – Vinyasa & Yin.
    • How do I book an Online class?Book in Here :
    • What should I wear? – Wear loose fitting comfortable clothes.
    • Do I need a Yoga Mat? – A yoga mat will help.
    • What is the cost per online class? – £7 each – (Discount options available)
  • Meditation

    • What meditation do you offer? – Friday 5:15pm iJourney.
    • How do I book into the iJourney?  – Book in Here:
    • What is an iJourney? – It is a guided Meditation.
    • Do I need any experience? – No, it is suitable for Complete Beginners.
    • What is the cost per Online class? – £7 – (Discount options available)
    • WellBeing

    • What Wellbeing Classes do you offer? – Yoga for Wellbeing & iJourney.
    • How do I book a wellbeing Class?Contact us Here:
    • Do you offer Private 121’s? – Yes we do – Online via Zoom.
    • How much does an Online 121 cost? – £39 (60 minutes)
    • Will any of the above help with Stress, anxiety etc? – Yes.

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