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These deeply relaxing Mp3’s are a wonderful way to experience the soothing and calming nature of blissful music and Guided Visualizations. Helping you to naturally reduce Anxiety & release Stress & Tension from a modern busy life. These are high quality non-religious, meditative and Deeply calming self help products. A Wonderful Gift for Yourself, or for a Loved one you know would benefit from them.

If you can answer Yes to one or more of the following:

1. Are you Stressed? 2. Experiencing Tension? 3. Low in energy – Lethargic?

4. Suffer from Insomnia? 5. Experiencing Anxiety? 6. Feeling depressed?

7. Poor sleeping Patterns? – Tired after a nights Sleep? 8. Worry a lot – Busy Mind?

Then did you know that extensive scientific research has shown that music recorded with certain rhythms and beats per minute (BPM) aid the ultimate relaxation and that Guided visualisations bring wonderful, natural benefits to our immune system and help with deeper, revitalizing sleep patterns. Our relaxation music and Guided visualizations have been professionally recorded and produced to the highest standards using musical techniques, natural sounds from nature, Tibetan singing Bowls and rhythms which will help you to achieve a level of relaxation that you may not have experienced in a very long time. The ultimate Relaxation music, Guided Meditations, Relaxation with guided imagery and Visualizations for Stress management or improving your quality of Sleep.

You can easily Download the Mp3’s via iTunes & Amazon Online.

Yoga Music for Relaxation and Meditation Classes

Om In Womb – Yoga Meditation Healing.

This beguiling Album is a fusion of Ancient Tibetan & Sanskrit Chants produced in a contemporary way, with a well balanced mixture… Read More:


Healing Guided Visualization Meditation

The Beach Relaxation.

This Soothing Mp3 is exactly what you need to release Stress from a busy life, guiding you on a journey to peace and calm on your… Read More:


The Healing Garden Relaxation MP3 for Stress Relief

The Healing Garden Visualization.

This Peaceful Mp3 Helps you to Relax and Unwind within a Healing visualization. Taking you on a Blissful journey through nature…. Read More:


Body & Mind Relaxation MP3

Body & Mind Detox.

This Deeply Relaxing MP3 takes you on a serene journey through your body and mind, identifying areas of Stress & Tension using…… Read More:


Chakra Healing Meditation Mp3 itunes

Chakra Healing Meditation.

This Restorative and Rejuvenating Mp3 is designed to bring Harmony to the Chakras. Using simple meditative practices alongside….. Read More:


Cancer Healing Relaxation Holistic Guided Visualization

Cancer-Vive “Can Survive Cancer”.

This Guided Visualization is a Complementary & Holistic approach to help those who find themselves facing the ‘C’ word; with all… Read More:


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