Yoga in Glasgow

Yoga Meditation Healing Glasgow hold friendly Yoga Classes for Everyone. Choose from Beginners Yoga to General Flow Classes, suiting all ages and levels of ability. Full details of all classes the Yoga Teachers offer are listed on our Weekly Timetable including Workshops and Retreats. The Studio and Venues are based in the West End, a few minutes walk from Byres Road and Kelvinbridge. The Powerful Dynamic Hatha class creates an intensive workout helping to Quickly Tone Your Body. Kids Classes are popular with children of all ages. Mixing Fun with exercise is the ethos at the childrens class. As we get older it is important to remain active and healthy. The Over 50’s Classes help with both. They are gentle, bringing many increased health benefits. For Students there is the Thursday Beginners Class which offers a Student Discount of 20%.

Meditation Relaxation Techniques, Breathwork, Guided Meditation and Visualisation are all incorporated within the Fusion Yoga Meditation Class. This Relaxing, Mindfulness Meditation Class is such a Restorative and enjoyable experience, which teaches stress release techniques, fusing them together with Moving Meditation and simple Yoga poses, to help release tension, anxiety, stress, agitation, and muscle stiffness, whilst detoxifying the body and stilling the mind.

Reiki is a Complementary Holistic Healing technique which has it’s origins based in the east, and was developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. Due to its simple formula it has become well known and easily available to many in the West. Reiki is a form of complementary and alternative healing, and is sometimes classified as oriental medicine by some professional bodies. Reiki can aid stress reduction, relieve Anxiety, and bring deep relaxation which helps to promote healing. It is a wonderful Complementary Therapy to Modern medical modalities, which will leave you more capable of sustaining happiness, Well Being and health.

Shamanism is an Ancient healing modality. The Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Healing techniques that a shaman can help an individual open up to, such as Shamanic Healing, Shamanic counselling and Shamanic Journeying can bring deep healing to many areas of our lives. These are but a small part of the Natural world of the Shaman, with its Beautiful capacity to Self Heal. Shamanism is proactive, not reactive like much of modern medicine and other Therapies. It is the oldest form of Holistic Healing and Complementary Health care known to Humanity. Interest in Shamanism in Glasgow and Scotland is growing, as is demand for Shamanic Healing throughout the UK and Worldwide. If all else has failed you, then Try Healing Your Self the shamanic way.

Health and WellBeing is such an Important part of our lives. A Holistic approach can bring many immediate and wonderful benefits to us all. Yoga Meditation Healing now offer Weekend WellBeing Workshops in Stress management, Relaxation and Guided Visualisation Techniques along with Mindfulness Meditation Classes. Techniques which can help us to live a Healthier, Happier, Peaceful life.

Modern Medicine and Physicians have brought us many benefits, but they do not have the monopoly on our Healing, Health and Wellbeing. We as individuals or society should not expect them to solely shoulder that  task. The door to many other forms of possible Healing and approaches is wide open, now more than ever before. People Power is what makes the world go around, not Banks, Politicians or Corporations, and thankfully we are voting with our feet. The 21st Century will see many changes within our approach to Self Healing, an approach which will see more and more people and organisations opening up to the validity and worth of Complementary and Alternative Therapies. As the old saying goes “All for One, One for All”.

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