YOGA – General Class – Monday

Healing Testimonials

“I love doing the Monday evening class after the first day back at work from the weekend. It’s great to have some ‘me’ time and to be able to put all stresses and thoughts out of my head. I can be a bit of a worrier at times but I’ve found that Pol’s class has helped me relax and I sleep much better because of it.”

Emma – Glasgow.


“With a background in martial arts my initial focus in trying out yoga was to work on my flexibility, which has improved. In addition to that though, yoga has been a great way of removing the stress of the usual student problems of deadlines, essays, exams etc, and just having a chance to clear my mind. I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I first e-mailed Pol about joining his class, but I’m definitely glad I did, I’m a lot happier because of it.”

Iain, 18, student – Glasgow

Healing Testimonials

“This yoga class has been the find of my fifties, leaving me with a sense of well being that extends into all areas of my life, physically, mentally and spiritually stimulating and also manages to put a smile on my face on a regular basis. I look forward so much to this real important part of my week.”

Thanks Pol
Lorraine – Glasgow.

YOGA – Dynamic Class – Wednesday

Healing Testimonials

“I owe a tremendous amount to Pol’s yoga classes. They have not just changed my body but everything about me letting both my mind and body evolve together to a more spiritual level. Before I started the classes I was always stressed leading me to irrationalities. I had lost the knack I had to talk to new people and felt I was in a dark place. However yoga made me see the light so to speak. It has evened me out to the extent that I realise there is no reason to stress and instead I should enjoy the beauty that is life. I no longer fear things like I did. I have regained my confidence, my personality, my life. Pol and yoga deconstructed me, allowing me to remove all of the impurities in my life and forge a new better, calmer me.”

Luke  – Glasgow

Healing Testimonials

“Pol’s Wednesday night class is great for anyone looking for a strong and dynamic yoga experience. While it helps to have done yoga before, beginners need not be afraid as Pol warmly welcomes newcomers and helps ease everyone into their own practice. Having done yoga off and on for a few years, I can honestly say that since starting Pol’s class a year ago I have seen the most improvement in my practice, both physically and mentally, than ever before. This is largely due to Pol’s positive approach to yoga practice, warm encouragement, and individual attention and adjustments. The class ends each evening with a meditational relaxation that always helps bring a sense of calm to the rest of my week. I would highly recommend this class for anyone looking for a good workout, a deeper engagement with yoga postures, and a meditative approach to their practice.””

Janette – Student – Glasgow (USA)

Yoga – Kids Class – Friday


“At the beginning of yoga I feel very relaxed and confident because I mostly know what we are going to do, but sometimes we do different things which is very fun. Also, at the beginning of yoga we do sun salutation which refreshes us up. During yoga we tell younger children at yoga their mistakes that they do and then they tell us the mistakes that we sometimes do. And sometimes even Pol does some small mistakes. What i feel during yoga is my body being more successful in new postures but some postures we know already which we are a little easier. I also feel sometimes a little bit to relaxed and it feels weird in a good way. At the end of yoga we lie back and listen to a song and the song takes us away to somewhere that’s happy and we like. And Pol asks us where we went, and once I said Morocco and that is how I feel about yoga. I like yoga very, very, very, very much.”

Shay – Aged 8 – Glasgow, West End

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