Shamanic Reiki

“I met Pol by chance (or perhaps not) and although considered Yoga for back pain problems, was encouraged to try Shamanic Reiki, with excellent results. Pol is a talented, intuitive and mindful individual. Spiritual but very much grounded in the realities of western life with more than a few “scars” to prove it. These attributes make Pol a person of great empathy and humility. I would recommend Pol, without hesitation, to anyone that either wishes to start or recommence practising yoga or indeed anyone who is seeking guidance and alternative therapies.”

Lance, Consultant  – Glasgow / London.

Shamanic Journeying

“Journeying with Pol is incredibly profound. He has three traits – compassion, wisdom and a lightness of touch – that I believe are essential to human healing. After having ME/CFS and its sundry of related problems for all of my adult life, the journeying has helped me explore deep-seated issues and anxieties in a highly supportive, empathetic environment. I had no experience nor knowledge of shamanic journeying before, but this was no hurdle as Pol’s guidance and experience put me at complete ease. After even just my second journey I felt I could leave the CFS behind and found a new sense of spiritual purpose and confidence. To me, journeying goes beyond ‘cure’, it’s more about rediscovering capacities and knowledge that you had forgotten you had.”

A must for anyone seeking the spiritual path.

NM, Journalist – Glasgow.

“I would highly recommend working with Pol as a spirit guide/shamanic healer. Pol’s manner is very laid back and down to earth. His medicine is also very powerful. The shamanic journeying that we did together took me to places in my subconscious that I didn’t know even existed! Pol has helped me clear out a lot of the deepest fear and darkness that has been holding me back for so long. Having worked extensively with shamanic healers in Central & South America I would have no reservation in saying that Pol’s work is on a par with some of the very best shamans I’ve come across.”

Stephen J. Watson. (Senior Tour Leader – Specialist Latin American travel company)

Shamanic Counselling

“Just over three years ago I had a bad fall which had led to difficulty in breathing through asthma brought on by the event. This had improved markedly; however after picking up a very bad chest infection on a business trip to Delhi my breathing at times was extremely difficult. Jacquie my partner who had been attending Pol’s yoga relaxation class suggested I have a one on one session with Pol to see if things could be improved using complimentary techniques.

The outcomes are as follows:

1. I attended 4 sessions after which my breathing improved consistently resulting on me now being off my inhaler.

2. I had a brilliant experience in terms of deep meditative experiences both mental and physical and clarity of visuals – an absolute blast!

3. I discovered an emotional problem from my youth which clearly has stuck with me and have now managed to mentally resolve it.

4. I met Pol who’s company I immensely enjoyed and look forward to our building a friendship.

I cannot recommend Pol highly enough and if even only for the experience – open your mind, let go, get healthy and enjoy!!!!

Ian – Architect – Glasgow / India.

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