Yoga With Sam

Yoga With Sam

Yoga With Sam @ Yoga Meditation Healing

Join Sam at her Yoga classes to experience her unique way of Teaching Yoga. From Slow Flow, to Vinyasa Flow and all Beginner Friendly.

Sam has been practicing with Yoga Meditation Healing since 2009. She completed our inaugural 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in 2022. In her classes, she aims to create a safe space to open up, to explore the moments and shapes that our bodies can make and to reflect. With Sam’s nurturing energy, each individual is supported in developing their own unique balance between challenge and deep relaxation, rest and release while navigating the physical, mental and energetic journey that is yoga.

Sam also offers Massage appointments at Yoga Meditation Healing. She has an intuitive touch and can’t wait to nudge the tension out of your muscles.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class

This thoughtfully structured class connects movement with breath. You will be encouraged to listen to your own individual body in order to progress your practice and develop a deepening awareness of how your body feels moment to moment. You will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Slow Flow Yoga Class

In this Moon Salutation based class, we will begin to slow down and prepare our bodies for rest. The class will primarily be considered flowing transitions between yoga postures interspersed with longer held poses. In these longer held shapes, we will have the space and time to breathe and relax any tension out of our muscles and work deeper into connective tissue.

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