Kids Classes.

Yoga – Kids Classes – Friday

“I love Yoga because it is Fun to do and it is my favourite after school thing. It makes me feel bouncy and happy. I like Pol’s yoga studio, it is a good place to do yoga. Pol is funny and very very interesting”

Ben Liu – Aged 10 – Glasgow.


“At the beginning of yoga I feel very relaxed and confident because I mostly know what we are going to do, but sometimes we do different things which is very fun. Also, at the beginning of yoga we do sun salutation which refreshes us up. During yoga we tell younger children at yoga their mistakes that they do and then they tell us the mistakes that we sometimes do. And sometimes even Pol does some small mistakes. What i feel during yoga is my body being more successful in new postures but some postures we know already which we are a little easier. I also feel sometimes a little bit too relaxed and it feels weird in a good way. At the end of yoga we lie back and listen to a song and the song takes us away to somewhere that’s happy and we like. And Pol asks us where we went, and once I said Morocco and that is how I feel about yoga. I like yoga very, very, very, very much.”

Shay – Aged 8 – Glasgow, West End.

“After attending Pol’s classes for a couple of months I asked him about the benefits of Yoga for children. I was delighted to hear that he ran classes specially tailored for young minds and bodies. My 6 year old son was reticent at first, not really understanding what it was, but agreed to try one class. He loved it. He likes the children that attend and the way Pol teaches them. Of course after a few weeks I realised that Felix is now better at yoga than I am!”

Debbie Brindley / Felix Brindley – Glasgow

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