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Level & Description:

Level: 1 – Complete Beginners. For those with no experience of Yoga or very little. Time is spent on deconstructing yoga poses to understand their foundations. The fundamentals of breath awareness and relaxation techniques are also taught. This class has a gentle pace, plenty of instruction and will help build strength.

Level: 2 – Beginners/Beginners plus. For Students who have attended the Complete Beginners Course and are ready to continue with their practice. Also suitable for those returning to yoga after a break.

Level: 3 – For experienced Students or for those looking for a greater challenge in their yoga practice. Interlaced with various core and body toning sequences. A faster paced style of yoga called Vinyasa. These classes require strength which you can work towards.

Level: 4 – This level is for experienced Students at an intermediate level of practice. The class includes advanced Headstand sequences, arm balancing poses and back bending routines. The class is Vinyasa in style which incorporates intermediate level core and body toning sequences. Students who practice a minimum of 2 days per week and are seeking to advance their practice can contact us to book into this intermediate level class.

General Level: – These classes are suitable for those who practice once a week. The classes suit all ages and abilities.

Beginner Friendly Level: – These classes suit those at beginner level. Yet they will also suit those who practice regularly as the teachers will modify poses so that each level of practitioner gets the most out of their practice.

All Levels: – These classes suit all levels of practitioners as the teacher will modify the poses to suit all of the students in order that everyone feels inclusive within their practice.

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