Yoga Glasgow | Welcome to our West End Yoga Studio, proudly serving the community since 2008. Explore a diverse range of daily yoga classes, including Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Yoga Therapeutics, Somatic Yoga and Yoga for Beginners. Immerse yourself in holistic wellness with our Meditation sessions and rejuvenating Sound Baths. Our offerings extend beyond yoga, encompassing services such as Relaxation Therapy, Workplace Wellbeing, Sound Bath Therapy for Schools, Counselling, Massage, Hypno-Healing, Reiki, and transformative Shamanic Healing. Discover a comprehensive journey with us, including the opportunity to embark on our fully accredited 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Glasgow.

Popular Classes

“We offer daily Yoga, Meditation and Wellbeing classes to suit Every Body, Every Mind, Every One”.

Beginners Yoga

An introduction to beginner level yoga poses & breath-work for Body & Mind.

For those who wish to practice gently and relax deeply – Beginner Friendly.

A Hatha Yoga class for all. Followed by deep relaxation – Beginner Friendly.

A nurturing & nourishing blend of Yin, Somatic yoga & Restorative Yoga.

A class open to all – Specially designed  to help you Manage Stress, Anxiety & Fatigue. No experience needed.

Slow, mindful and therapeutic style of yoga supporting your mental, emotional and physical health.

Tune into your Inner Peace. A Healing Sound Bath & Guided Relaxation to release stress, fatigue and anxiety.

A tailored Beginners level class to help you start yoga at an easy level.

For those seeking to practice Gentle & Relaxing Yoga.

Beginner plus level Yoga Poses & Sequences.

Looking for a great Massage in Glasgow?

Bespoke Workplace Wellbeing Sessions & Sound Baths

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The perfect place...

“It has taken me a while to find a true and authentic yoga class. After my first session I knew that I had found the perfect place. Pol & Paula both provide much more than just yoga. Their classes are full of wisdom and you always leave feeling a bit more connected to yourself.
I woundn't be without these classes now.”
Elizabeth Johnston
Our Studio

Yoga Studio in the Heart of the West End, Glasgow.

Lansdowne Yoga

Yoga Teachers

Many Styles Of Yoga

To suit Every Body, Every Mind & Every One.

Creative & energising flowing sequences crafted around the Sun salutation with deep relaxation to calm your mind & body.

A therapeutic class which integrates gentle yoga, breathing practices, meditation and deep relaxation.

Long held yin yoga poses to cultivate breath and body awareness. Releases stresses and tensions from body & mind.

The fusion of Hatha, Classical Ashtanga & & Vinyasa Krama yoga creates a dynamic, rewarding & challenging practice.

For all ages and physical abilities. You will learn the foundational aspects of yoga with simple breath work & relaxation.

Facilitates deep conscious rest supported by bolsters, pillows & blankets. It will leave you feeling calm, grounded  & replenished.

Linked to an inhalation & exhalation, each pose becomes a step within the flow. Invigorating, strengthening & toning.

You will be guided to a deeply relaxing place where Pól will use the power of suggestion to help create positive change.

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