Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

Wednesday Yoga Class Glasgow - Keiko

This Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class is suitable for those who have a general experience of Yoga, or for those who are returning after taking a break, or even those who have completed our 6 week complete beginners course. This class offers various layers for more of the challenging postures to create a safe space for a diversity of levels, even for those who are just starting yoga. Understanding that our yoga practice changes day to day depending on our busy schedules and energy levels, this class provides the opportunity for you to adjust the intensity by choosing which yoga posture variation suits you best. The class incorporates guided meditation, themed around values of growth to provide techniques to calm the mind, and find peace during everyday stressors.

Using the breath to guide the body, this class combines strength, balance and flexibility for an energizing full-body flow. It incorporates deep stretches which are beneficial for all sports, and to ease the tension that the body carries on a daily basis. It also covers breathing techniques, and combines core cultivation and strength for arm balances and inversions. This class inspires for exploration within the mind, body and spirit with dynamic sequences that link breath and movement, building internal heat that opens the physical body for transformation and stillness in the mind.
Booking is essential: – Book Your Space Here:

Yoga Mats Supplied Free of Charge, however, if you have a mat bring it with you.

About this Class:

  • Class Every Monday at 6pm & Sunday at 11am
  • Suitable for individuals with a General yoga practice.
  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga routines.
  • Includes core cultivation sequences.

Questions and Answers.

  • How do I book a Yoga class?Book your Space Here:
  • What should I wear?Comfortable clothes, as per Gym, jog etc.
  • Do I need a Yoga Mat?Yoga mats are provided free of charge.
  • What is the cost per class? Classes are £10 each. Students £8 – 20% Discount.
  • Do I need footwear? – No, yoga is practiced bare foot.
  • Can I attend class if I’m Pregnant? – No. However we can recommend a class.