Pregnancy Yoga Glasgow


Pregnancy Yoga Glasgow.

Pregnancy Yoga Class Glasgow West End

*Please Note there are No Classes on the 3rd and 10th November, 2019*

Pregnancy Yoga classes provide a supportive and nurturing environment for women throughout their pregnancy, providing the perfect environment for a mother to connect with her baby. The class is designed with you in mind. Helping increase comfort; creating space in body and mind.

The pregnancy yoga class is a Beginner friendly yoga class. It suits all levels of experience. The class is based at Yoga Meditation Healing which is situated centrally in the West End of Glasgow. It is close to Kelvinbridge underground and major bus routes on the great western road. There is plenty of parking in and around the studio area. All yoga mats, props and blankets are supplied free of charge.

The pregnancy yoga class is held every Sunday from 9:30am – 10:30am, making it easy for mums to be to attend. The class is very relaxing and will impart easy breath techniques which will be very beneficial during labor. Natalie the yoga teacher is a mum who knows the benefits yoga can bring during child birth.

Benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy include:

  • Connection with baby: By focusing attention and working with your breath through each pose, you become more aware of what is happening within.
  • Stamina and Strength: As baby grows, more energy is needed to carry the weight. Yoga poses help to help to strengthen hips, back, arms and shoulders. Many women who regularly practice yoga also find they regain their shape and fitness quicker after giving birth.
  • Calm: Yoga has a calming effect on the nervous system, and this is transmitted to the baby.
  • Sense of community: Friendships form through spending time with other pregnant women, resulting in an emotionally bonding experience.
  • Balance: Both physical and emotional.
  • Improved sleep and digestion: Through promoting relaxation (bringing your body into parasympathetic mode), digestion operates properly, we sleep better and our immune system is optimal.
  • Reduced swelling: The breathing techniques and poses in yoga improves blood circulation and as a result, swelling is reduced and our immune system is enhanced, creating a healthy environment for a thriving baby.

Note: Classes are suitable from 13 weeks into pregnancy. Booking is Essential.

Please: Consult with your GP before attending class.

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About these Classes:


  • Pregnancy Yoga: Is a wonderful way to exercise Your body.
  • Suits: All levels – Beginner Friendly.
  • Day: Sunday 9:30am – 10:30am.
  • Helps: Improve sleep.
  • Cost: £10 Per class.
  • Includes: Breath work and Relaxation .


Questions and Answers:


  • How do I book into class?Book in Here:
  • What should I wear?Comfortable loose fitting clothes.
  • Do I need a Yoga Mat?Mats & props provided free of charge.
  • Cost per class? – £10 each.
  • Do I need footwear? – We practice bare foot.
  • What stage of pregnancy can I attend ? – Week 13.