Meditation Courses Glasgow

Meditation Courses Glasgow.

Meditation Courses Glasgow

This Meditation course held every Friday night at our West End studio, is a fusion of a few simple ancient meditation styles, breath techniques and guided imagery, all performed in a very mindful way. The Fusion class draws on Mindfulness Meditation and Meditative practices influenced by Vipassana style meditation. It focuses on observing the breath – known as Anapana, and upon the sensations upon various parts of the body. The technique is simple, yet a very powerful and effective way to help calm the mind. A real Stress Buster, and Hugely Relaxing and Revitalising.

The Meditation course is suitable for complete beginners who wish to commence bringing meditative practices into their life, yet it will also suit those with experience of meditation, as the class incorporates yoga therapy techniques, which slowly open the body and strengthen your ability to sit in meditative poses for longer periods of time, which in turn deepens your meditation practice. A must for those who wish to enhance the ability to look within themselves.

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  • Excellent for relieving Stress from a busy working week.
  • Class every Friday night from 6-7:30pm.
  • Suitable for Beginners.
  • See here for Further details of the: Fusion Meditation Course:
  • Meditative sequence helps to Balance and strengthen the mind.
  • Suitable for All ages and levels of experience.
  • Helps to deepen your own meditation practice.
  • Mixed Class – Suitable for Men and Women.
  • For further Details of class See – Class Time Table:
  • Enhances your ability to sit in meditative posture for longer periods of time.
  • Beneficial for many common ailments.

Questions and Answers.

  • How do I book a Meditation class? – It Couldn’t be Easier – Book a Space Here:
  • What should I wear?Wear loose fitting comfortable clothes, as you would going to the Gym or for a jog.
  • Do I need a Yoga Mat?Yoga mats, blankets & pillows etc are provided free of charge.
  • What is the cost per class? Classes are £8 each – Drop-in basis. Students rate £6 per class = Discount of 20%.

Other Yoga & Meditation Classes are also availableSee Class Time Table:

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Meditation for Stress Glasgow

  • Private 1-2-1 Meditation Sessions.
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  • Breath Work Classes.
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