Wellbeing Workshops Glasgow
  WellBeing Workshops Glasgow.   WellBeing Workshops are dedicated entirely to your Well-being. This class is the ultimate in relaxation for the mind and body. We will practice many techniques including: Conscious Breathing, Mindful Yoga Movements, Simple Meditations, Body Scan Relaxation, Guided Relaxation and Guided Visualization.   What can I […]

WellBeing Workshops Glasgow

Well-Being in Glasgow
  Yoga for Wellbeing   Yoga for Wellbeing is a new class dedicated entirely to your well-being. This class is the ultimate in relaxation for the mind and body. We will practice many techniques including: Conscious Breathing, Mindful Yoga Movements, Simple Meditations, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Body Scan Relaxation, Guided […]

Wellbeing Wednesday

Beginners Yoga Classes Glasgow
“Yoga is For Everyone – Every Body” The next Complete Beginners course starts soon. The Complete Beginners Glasgow Yoga class is aimed at beginners with no or very little experience of Yoga. Or those individuals who have taken a break from Yoga and wish a refresher. The complete beginners Yoga […]

Complete Beginners Yoga

Beginners Hot Yoga Glasgow. Beginners Hot Yoga is for those special individuals who have never practiced Hot Yoga before, or who have had a break from Hot Yoga, and they would like to return back to a regular practice within the comfort of a Beginners Hot Yoga Class. There is […]

Beginners Hot Yoga Glasgow

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Glasgow. This Hatha Vinyasa class is designed to create a positive physical workout by incorporating a fusion of dynamic yoga sequences with an older style of yoga known as Vinyasa Krama as taught by Tirumalai Krishnamacharya.* The class generates a deep sweat, so drinking water before attending […]

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Glasgow

Morning Yoga Classes Glasgow West End
Morning Yoga Glasgow. Special Offer: Monthly Pass Only £40! – Weekdays 8:30am Classes. Morning Yoga Glasgow – We offer various Morning yoga classes each week. Weekdays Monday to Friday from 8:30am – 9:45am. These classes are popular with University Students. Saturday morning classes are at 9:30am and 11am. The 9:30am […]

Morning Yoga Glasgow

Yoga Flow Glasgow Classes. The Yoga Flow Class is held every Monday night from 6-7:30pm and is suitable for those who have a general experience of Yoga. Although some level of Yoga experience is beneficial, it is not necessary to know the flow style as the Yoga instructor gives full […]

Yoga Flow Glasgow

Pregnancy Yoga Classes Glasgow West End
Pregnancy Yoga Glasgow. Pregnancy Yoga classes provide a supportive and nurturing environment for women throughout their pregnancy, providing the perfect environment for a mother to connect with her baby. The class is designed with you in mind. Helping increase comfort; creating space in body and mind. The pregnancy yoga class […]

Pregnancy Yoga Glasgow

Hot Vinyasa Yoga. Hot Vinyasa Yoga – Get Fit – Feel Good. We received so much positive feedback relating to our Vinyasa style of yoga classes and the heat that the body generates within those workouts that we decided to offer something similar at an easier level, but still retaining […]

Hot Vinyasa Yoga

  Saturday Yoga Glasgow. There are two Saturday Morning Yoga Classes.   About The 9:30am Hatha Yoga Class: The 9:30am Saturday Morning Hatha Yoga Class is a wonderful way to start your weekend. The class is both Revitalising and Restorative in nature, yet it will also give you that complete […]

Saturday Yoga Glasgow

Beginners Plus
General Level Yoga Glasgow The Beginners Yoga Flow class is held every Thursday evening at 7:45pm. This class is designed for students with approximately 12 weeks of a regular weekly yoga practice, or for students who have had a break from Yoga and are looking to resume a regular practice. […]

General Level Yoga Glasgow

Vinyasa Flow Yoga. This Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class is suitable for those who have a general experience of Yoga, or for those who are returning after taking a break, or even those who have completed our 6 week complete beginners course. This class offers various layers for more of the challenging […]

Vinyasa Flow Yoga