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Wellbeing & Stress Management Workshop.

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Yesterday was a chance to experience a deeper side of ourselves and experience the sense of WellBeing that brings by using Relaxation Techniques, Reiki Energy Healing, Breath work and Guided Visualisation techniques at the Well Being Workshop held by Pol and Paula of Yoga Meditation Healing. The venue was the beautiful and peaceful Shrine room at KSD Buddhist centre in Glasgow’s West End. The place and building in themselves generate a sense of WellBeing, so it was all uphill from the outset. The Workshop was designed with everyone in mind, as some of the individuals who attended had no previous experience of any form of this kind of work, whilst others had varying degrees of experience.

The people attending brought to the workshop the gift of their experience within life. Some had recently lost loved ones, some had recently discovered they had cancer or had recovered from cancer, there were single parents who needed “Me Time”, business people and professionals eperiencing stress within their working lives, and there were those who just wanted to enjoy a sunday morning chilling out. So it was really important that the 3 hours that we had set aside to take the workshop where geared as much as possible for a personal journey by everyone. This was achieved by using some simple Yogic, Meditative and Shamanic techniques incorporated within more mainstream and modern forms of relaxation and therapeutic modalities.

The workshop also included a variety of simple Stress Management techniques: Breath work – in the form of Abdominal breathing, and a fusion of Chakra Colour Therapy and Body Scanning. This mixture of Guided Visualisation uses simple imagery of various primary colours and body awareness to help still the mind to a level whereby it is easier for the individual to focus and identify with the body area where it is said these energy points exist. Known as Chakras within eastern traditions, or what are also known as the Sephirot within the Kabbalah, the Chakra Colour therapy helps to aid truly deep states of relaxation to facilitate entry into a suitable alternative state of consciousness in order to progress through to the final level of the workshop: Working with the Inner Child.

The workshop opened with a short talk on the subject matter that would be used during the workshop, and then led into approximately 15 minutes of gentle stretching and Moving Meditation, followed by 10 minutes of breath-work, which when all coupled together always has the effect of relaxing everyone to a level suitable for entering a deeper state of relaxation. Once everyone attained this level and were ready, the workshop entered into a completely meditative arena, using a wide variety of Guided visualisations to help everyone open up to releasing any form of negativity, memory or stress which for various reasons they had been holding onto. The final journey of the workshop was completed by using a technique which is known as:

Working with the Inner child

This is a very powerful and cathartic technique, and as it is so simple to follow and use, it has a powerful effect in drawing up hugely emotional states of varying types and degrees within each individual. Usually they may have been unaware of, or never focused on these emotions or thoughts. These emotions have deep relevance to each  individuals path through life, and the effect of the Inner child visualisation is so powerful that the conscious mind has no alternative but to sit comfortably to the side and observe the proceedings.

To assist everyone in the journey through the workshop, Reiki Healing energy was applied at an individual level to everyone throughout the Workshop. This again was an invaluable energy healing technique that helped many experience a deeper connection to the life-force that surrounds and sustains us all. Many people gain a huge emotional and physical release from such deep inner work. When all the illusions and armor was removed: There was much floating, crying and smiles of joy.

All in all, a wonderful experience to have shared with so many.

Thanks to all who attended – Pol & Paula

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5 thoughts on “WellBeing – Stress Management Workshop

  • sal

    Walking into the shrine room with the glorious aroma of sage on sunday,….I feel at home, working together with unconditional love, Pol and Paula set a very welcoming atmosphere, for those of us who are exploring our innate light and darkness, and yes, for those of us who are also aiming to simply chill or pass on healing to diseased loved ones (all three for greedy me!). I am familiar with much of Pols’ technique and have great fortune as i am able to attend both meditation and yoga classes, and as a searcher have gained much awareness within my life and personal practice,……so when attending this recent workshop, I was struck by my own arrogance (insecurity) at being taught something “I know”….yet because of Pol and Paulas’ affirmation for the well being of us all, within moments of being within negative state, the wonderful realisation and life affirming treasure, that there is always more to learn and listen to, overcame me.
    Pols’ calm voice, words of lifes wisdoms, his visualisation and guidance, and grounded sensibility allow you to set yourself free. Paulas wonderful care and energy, her reiki and channeling crystals help you feel safe and protected. I am most grateful for these two wonderful teachers in my life, and highly recommend anybody to attend.

  • Susan

    We went to our 1st wellbeing workshop in March 2011. I go to one of Pol’s classes but my husband doesn’t do yoga. At the end of the class he looked as if he’d had a really really good sleep and told me that he’d had a great time and liked the people who were there. I have always enjoyed Pols guided meditations and was in a lovely warm place when I became aware that the people on each side were having an intense moment, but they could do so because they felt in a safe place.

  • Julie

    Thank you Pol and Paula for a wonderful morning, sorry I have taken so long to write a review, putting things into words is not my strong point. WOWWWW is what I would like to say It was an amazing uplifting workshop. I have been to Pol’s moving meditation classes at Maggie’s Cancer Care centre and love it. This was similar to class but a lot deeper. My cancer has come back and I was going to start a new trial treatment the day after this course and as you can imagine my head was all over the place, but with the help from Pol’s wonderful relaxation techniques and Paula’s Reiki I was able to totally chill out. I had never experienced the journey to the inner child and was a bit nervous, can I just say it was very uplifting I can’t explain how much inner unconditional love I felt in my heart, It was just what I needed to help me through my journey ahead. I can even now 4 weeks on tap into this feeling. I won’t forget your generosity and your words of wisdom. Thank you so much, please let me know if you’re having another Wellbeing workshop. I would recommend it to everyone. Love from Julie xxx

  • Pol

    Julie. Thanks for the Gift of your presence, and your refreshingly honest words.
    In life, We are all Teachers 🙂

    Love & Light

    Pol & Paula x x

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