High Intensity Interval Training – HIIT – Yoga

High Intensity Interval Training – HIIT-Yoga.

High Intensity Interval Training Yoga
Shake off Your working week and re-energise your body and mind for the weekend ahead with (HIIT) High Intensity Interval Training Yoga.

The class blends yoga poses and sequences with a HIIT tempo and focuses primarily on strength and stamina. We will build muscle, burn calories, improve our metabolism and cardiovascular system whilst keeping our heart and mind in great shape. HIIT involves an all-out effort of intense exercise for a short time, followed by a brief rest period. HIIT training is performed at an intensity you can’t sustain for long, so time is set aside after each sequence, in order to recover, giving you the renewed energy to do it again and again and again!

In doing so, HIIT combines two of the best Fat-Burning methods:

  • Maximum oxygen use.
  • Maximum Effort.

This approach gets You out of your comfort zone in an empowering way and offers many health and weight-loss benefits. One of the most dramatic effects of HIIT Yoga is how quickly You will increase muscle endurance. HIIT Yoga is much more efficient than normal endurance exercise. As this is an intensive routine the class has been shortened accordingly to a one hour long class. This class is at a General Level.

About Russell

Russell trained in India for three months on an intensive Yoga Teacher Training course, spending time in Mysore and Goa. He has been a full time Teacher at Yoga Meditation Healing since early 2017. He is passionate and committed to passing on his knowledge and experience of yoga. If you are a beginner and you would still like to try this class, just contact us and we will direct your inquiry to Russell.

To Book into the Class – Enquire Here:

  • Time: 17:4518:45pm View TimeTable:
  • Level: General.
  • Suits: Those seeking a workout.
  • Preparation: Drink water before class.

Questions and Answers.

  • How do I book a Yoga class?Book your Space Here:
  • What should I wear?Comfortable clothes, as per gym etc.
  • Do I need a Yoga Mat?Yoga mats provided free of charge.
  • What is the cost per class? £10 each. Students £8 – 20% Discount.
  • Do I need footwear? – No, yoga is practiced barefoot.
  • Can I attend this class if I’m Pregnant? – No. But we do have a pregnancy class.