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Yin Yoga Class
Yin Yoga is a perfect compliment to our Dynamic Yang Yoga.

A Yang approach to Yoga is most commonly practised in the West. Indeed, most of our classes at Yoga Meditation Healing are Yang in their approach. In our Yang practices we emphasize working on repeatedly contracting and lengthening our muscles and bringing heat into our bodies. A Yang practice gifts us with huge benefits to our physical and mental health. The Yang practice is Masculine in nature.

A Yin approach is the flip side of the same Yoga coin. It works with our connective tissue which is found in every joint, bone, organ and muscle. It is a passive yet challenging practice as we hold our poses for a few minutes and place an emphasis on releasing and relaxing the muscles. Yin works into lower spine and pelvis. Yin Yoga greater assists us in preparing us for seated meditation, a Yin activity, as in our Fusion class. The Yin practice is Feminine in nature.

Yin & Yang Yoga Workshops

Yin & Yang Yoga Workshops

Within most yoga workshops we generally only get to experience the teachings of one Yoga teacher. However within our Yin & Yang Yoga Workshops you have the added benefit of experiencing the teachings of two yoga teachers with their unique and complementary styles. Firstly Paula takes you through the Yin side of the yoga workshop. Paula has 20 years of training within the world of Ballet, and this is reflected within her own personal practice, and joy of the Yin style Yoga. Paula brings the femine nature of her practice into the workshop helping to increase your flexibility. Pol complements this aspect of Yin Yoga with a Dynamic and Powerful routine, which he draws from his roots steaped in Classical Hatha Yoga, combining it together with sequences from the invigorating and restorative 5 Tibetan Rites Yoga techniqe. These two teaching styles brought together by both teachers bring to the workshop the balance of Flexibility and Core Strength. To experience the other side of Yoga, and a balance to your usual Yoga practice, join us on our next Yin & Yang Yoga Workshop.

Questions and Answers.

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  • What should I wear?Wear loose fitting comfortable clothes, as for Gym or jog.
  • Do I need a Yoga Mat?Yoga mats are provided free of charge at workshops.
  • How often are the Workshops held Once a Month – View Next Workshop:
  • How much does a Workshop cost? Workshop costs £25 – Booking Essential.

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4 thoughts on “Yin & Yang Yoga Workshops

  • Lucy Hamilton

    What a great way to spend a Saturday morning. The workshop is a great balance between the relaxing and energetic forms of yoga. It’s especially useful for those who attend weekday class, and fancy extending their practice. A brilliant 3 hours.

  • Ben Muirhead

    It’s wonderful to see a progressively larger male turn out for an activity that’s usually associated with the farer of the sexes.

    Yoga is an incredible way to work out using the tiniest of available spaces and on the busiest of schedules. It has the power to enhance any of the days activities, whether it’s used as a caffeine alternative in the day’s first hours or for freshening up before a night out.

    I myself have learned under several yoga instructors and cannot express just how incredible the team of Pol and Paula are. Not only my teachers but without a doubt, my friends and some of the warmest human beings that I have ever encountered.

    Opportunities like this should not be passed up. If the whole world took the time to look within and treat themselves to a little yoga now and again I have no absolutely no doubt that it would be a better place. So spend some quality time with yourself, balance is but a deep breath away.

  • Susana

    I found the Yin & Yang workshop on Saturday an interesting and challenging experience. I love to do these intensive courses because it´s an opportunity to go further into your weekly yoga practice.
    Pol and Paula make a great team!
    Don’t miss the coming workshops!

  • Ro

    As a beginner I found the three hour workshop very beneficial as I was able to relax into the class more and break through barriers which obstruct me during hourly sessions. The balance of the class, of new and familiar practice, kept the workshop challenging and I have felt a great improvement in my practice in the passing weeks. I look forward to the next workshop – Such warm and welcoming people!
    Thank you!

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