Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Glasgow

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Glasgow.

This Hatha Vinyasa class is designed to create a positive physical workout by incorporating a fusion of dynamic yoga sequences with an older style of yoga known as Vinyasa Krama as taught by Tirumalai Krishnamacharya.* The class generates a deep sweat, so drinking water before attending this class is recommended. Many people perceive that yoga is something only for the naturally flexible, however, increased flexibility is but one of many benefits we gain from its practice. But, yoga has at its core a system which is designed to strengthen your body in preparation for its more challenging physical routines and yoga practices such as Pranayama. Increased flexibility is just one of its many benefits, but not yoga’s primary goal. If you run, cycle, climb or workout, this class will help you increase your stamina, physically and mentally.

What can I expect within the Hatha Vinyasa Class?

The class has similar elements that you would experience within other styles of yoga. However, due to the many sequences and sub routines within the Vinyasa Krama style of yoga, we set aside a section of the class each week to work on these variations. This changing format lets you experience the wider system available within yoga, as we are no longer restricted to set sequences. Although some of the Vinyasa routines seem simple, they are actually designed to increase your flexibility and core strength in a very gradual and subtle way, helping you to move forward, step by step, towards more advanced routines and postures.

Just as music without proper pitch and rhythm will not give any pleasure, similarly Asana practice done without Vinyasa Krama will not give good health. When that is so, what more is there to say about long life and strength in this context?” — Sri T. Krishnamacharya.

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