General Level Yoga Glasgow

General Level Yoga Glasgow

General Level Yoga Class
The Beginners Yoga Flow class is held every Thursday evening at 7:45pm. This class is designed for students with approximately 12 weeks of a regular weekly yoga practice, or for students who have had a break from Yoga and are looking to resume a regular practice. The classes are pitched at a level to give students a physical workout, but not too difficult that it over challenging. Students can delve deeper into yoga postures, as well as slightly more advanced yoga routines and postures.

You will experience more meditative aspects of yoga, including some simple breath-work techniques which will help build your confidence within a Yoga class. The body toning routines will bring strength and flexibility and quickly tone your body. The classes are held at our West end of Glasgow studio.

An added benefit of the general level yoga classes is that there is varying levels of experience within the class. Once you have joined a Yoga Class it can take 3 – 6 weeks to feel the real benefits of your practice.

Yoga is a fantastic way of Quickly and Gently Toning your body, and has the added benefit of calming our busy minds. Yoga has been proven to relieve and aid the symptoms of many modern conditions such as Stress, Muscle tension, PMS, Sciatica, Asthma, Sports injuries, Neck Problems, Allergies, Back Pain, High blood pressure and many other conditions.

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About These Classes:

  • Day: Thursday 7:45pm.
  • Level: Beginners Yoga Flow
  • Suits: All Levels – Beginner Friendly Class.
  • Preparation: Drink water before class.
  • Time-Table: View Time-Table Here:
  • Includes: Body Toning routines.

Questions and Answers.

  • How do I book a Yoga class?Book your Space Here:
  • What should I wear? – Comfortable clothes, as per gym etc.
  • Do I need a Yoga Mat? – Yoga mats provided free of charge.
  • What is the cost per class? – £10 Drop-in. Students £8 – 20% Discount.
  • Do I need footwear? – No, yoga is practiced barefoot.
  • Can I attend these classes if I’m Pregnant? – Sundays 9:30am is Suitable – Advise teacher.

Hatha General Level Yoga Class

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