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Please Note: Pol No longer offers private Shamanic sessions.

However he does recommend:

Mary Downie: Glasgow based Counsellor and Psychotherapist: View Her Website Here:

With any form of counselling it is important to recognise from the outset that anyone who seeks help does so because they require the bringing to an end of some form of physical, emotional or spiritual blocks which are preventing them from moving forward in a positive way within their life and enjoying the peace and wellbeing all of us can enjoy. Spiritual Counselling can facilitate an individual’s  inner healing, by teaching them simple techniques and tools to achieve this. It is a holistic and complementary form of counselling and an effective alternative to modern mainstream techniques. With our over burdened health service, long waiting lists and an increasing number of individuals who wish to avoid the well documented side effects of antidepresants, or avoid the many other forms of medication within the modern pharmacological Cabinet. The complementary and Holistic techniques offered by Spiritual counsellors are a refreshing alternative; without the waiting lists or side effects.

It’s interesting to know that the origin of Pharmacology – pharmakon – in classic Greek means ‘Poison, Sorcery, to Drug’.

The below article by Yoga Meditation Healing, published by COSCA – A Counselling & Psychotherapy Magazine goes into Spiritual Counselling in greater detail :

We all stand upon the shoulders of our ancestors; our technological and scientific age would not exist without the lineage of our collective learning. The rational realms of science and medicine have done what humans do best; plagiarise, adapt and pass on. Or simply put, change. Science’s mechanistic interpretation of humanity chose for certain reasons to remove the concept of the Soul from the Body and Mind structure, possibly seeing it as a throwback to an antiquated view of “Simpler peoples” connected to spiritual superstition via the stranglehold of religious organisations. The rationale of Science had no room for the concept of a “Soul” within its individual interpretation of humanity. This Cartesian approach served science well, but to the detriment of our concept of “Spirit or Soul”.

For modern medicine, despite the gains and endless endeavours made by science and even with the might of our greatest minds, corporations and charities, diseases like cancer continue to affect many and each new generation seems to face a new dis-ease. Science and medicinal treatments can extend life, but at what cost to the deeper quality of our lives if the Soul is ignored.

To create the deepest levels of healing we must not only address the healing of our bodies and minds, but our spirits as well… Read full article here:

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