Well-Being Glasgow

Well-Being Glasgow.

Well-Being is a popular buzzword, however experiencing Well-Being whether within a working or social environment is another place altogether.

Below are details of professional individuals we recommend:

Mary Downie: Glasgow based counsellor and psychotherapist: View Website Here:

Cecile Rozuel: Owner at Glasgow based Workplace Well-being Scotland: View Website Here:

“Well-Being is for Everyone”

Other Well-Being options:

If you, or a family member are seeking simple skills to help with stress, or emotional issues that are directly linked to stressful events, which have affected your Health – such as Stress created by a working environment, or any form of illness, Physical or Emotional. Or if you or someone you know is going through any form of illness, like those who have been directly or indirectly affected by Cancer, then you can gain Benefits from the below listed audio mp3’s created by Yoga Meditation Healing.

View our Relaxation Audio Mp3’s on itunes or Amazon:

Well-Being Glasgow Scotland

Th Visualisations & Meditations will include a mixture of the following :

  • Stress Management Techniques.
  • Mindfulness Meditation.
  • Relaxation Therapy.
  • Holistic approaches to Health & Well-being.
  • Guided Visualisation.
  • Simple Meditation Techniques.
  • Working with the Inner Child.
  • Self Healing affirmations.
  • Chakra Meditations.