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Meditation Workshops Glasgow.

Meditation Glasgow

If you are looking to begin Meditating or deepen your Meditation practice, you will learn invaluable incites into the deeper workings of Meditation and gain real Benefits by attending a Workshop. Pranayama (Breath work) Techniques are included within the workshops, which is another technique to help you towards deeper meditative states. Finally, as more time is available during a workshop than is during a standard meditation class, we can delve into various styles of Meditation, helping to bring a much more varied flavour to the workshops.

See below for list of Workshops being held by Yoga Meditation Healing.


5pm – 6pm

Wellbeing Wednesday [More Details]

Venue: Lansdowne Crescent Studio.

[Map – Directions]

Cost: £10

Open to all – Beginners Welcome.

This class is dedicated to your wellbeing, it is the ultimate in relaxation for your Mind and Body. The class will help to release tensions and stresses within the Body and Mind.

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Friday 30th November.

7.30pm – 8.30pm

Golden Blue Meditations with Aga [More Details]

Venue: Lansdowne Crescent Studio.

[Map – Directions]

Cost: £5

Open to all. Booking Essential.

This Meditation Class incorporates Guided Meditation – the perfect space and time for total relaxation and deep meditation.

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Other Meditation Workshops will be available throughout the year:

Workshops will include a mixture of the following :

  • Gentle Yoga therapy – Warm up routine.
  • Breath work – Pranayama.
  • Health Benefits of Meditation.
  • Aspects of Anapana – Observing your breath.
  • Relaxation Therapy – Body scanning.
  • Guided Visualisation.
  • Moving Meditation.

For further details: Enquire Here – For details of All Meditation Workshops:

  • Should I consult a doctor first? – Yes. If you have any form of physical or emotional illness you should always consult a medical professional first. Workshops are not a Panacea. However, If you find that the modern medical world does not deliver the physical or emotional healing you seek, then you can consider attending a Meditation Workshop.
  • Can I attend The Meditation Workshop if I am Pregnant? No, you should not attend the Meditation Workshops if you are pregnant. The workshops can include Shamanic techniques which are suitable only for an individual – Not Mum and Baby.
  • How much do workshops cost? – They cost between £20 to £30 depending on your circumstances, and the workshop.
  • How long do they last? Approximately 3 Hours.
  • What should I bring? Bring a blanket, all mats, cushions etc are provided free of Charge.
  • What should I wear? Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing – As you would to the Gym, or for a Jog.
  • How do I book into a Workshop? Couldn’t be Easier – Book a Space Here:
  • What is Reiki?Reiki was developed in 1922 by Japanese buddhist Mikao Usui.
  • How does it work? It uses a technique commonly called palm healing. Practitioners believe they are transferring Universal healing energy known as ki through the palms.