About – Pol

Pol Qualified as a Yoga instructor in 2007 at Yoga-Indea in Mysore, India. He views yoga as an intelligent exercise system which can bring varied benefits. We are our own light upon our path. When understood, we eliminate any desire to listen to gurus, teachers, or anyone else who states they can teach or help us. Including these words. For to discard all linage, all of the past, or any form of outward inspiration, including yoga, is to refute all forms of authority. With this freedom, unhindered by any bias or conditioning, we are then truly free to inquire.

About – Paula

Paula trained and studied to become a Yoga Teacher with Brenda Louw at ChillOut Yoga in the beautiful surroundings of Aberfoyle, Scotland. She has also studied Vinyasa Krama yoga under Ramaswami, who was a student of T. Krishnamacharya.  Paula mainly teaches variations of  Hatha Yoga and specialises in Yoga for Complete Beginners.  Paula also enjoys teaching yoga to young people and school teachers and regularly holds workshops on different aspects of yoga.

Paula’s interests are in holistic health and well-being. Her firm belief that we are all self-healers encouraged her to become a Reiki practitioner. Reiki translates as universal energy. It is a holistic energy healing system which facilitates healing in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms.

Paula deeply knows that she is and always has been on the right path. She acknowledged this  in 2008 when she found herself walking the 764km of the ‘Camino de Santiago’. This meditative and enlightening walk across Spain took her 36 days and brought her to the door of Yoga, Meditation and Healing. She opened it and walked through and today, seven years on, the journey continues.


About – Eleanor

Eleanor Parris Yoga Teacher

Eleanor is a cover teacher at Yoga Meditation Healing. She also Holds workshops at the centre. Eleanor originally began practicing yoga in 2008 due to a bad back, she found yoga removed the need for regular pain killers and it is an integral part of her physical, emotional and spiritual health. In order to learn more she undertook her Yoga Teacher Training with Brenda Louw at Chillout Yoga. She studied Sivananda yoga at the Sivananda ashram in Kerala, India in 2011, Chakra Yoga under Anodea Judith at Kriplau in America in 2012 and undertook further Chakra yoga study with Anodea Judith in Ireland in 2014.

Eleanor enjoys teaching general level hatha yoga in various forms and is particularly interested in the dynamics of the energy body and the chakras. She holds regular workshops on Yin and Chakra yoga and also runs a regular class at her day job working with women who have experienced abuse. She finds great reward in this and seeing the benefits students experience from their practice.

Eleanor also found Reiki in 2008 and since then has gone on to become a Reiki level 3 practioner. She has a regular yoga and meditation practice and in 2014 discovered shamanism whilst visiting a retereat in Tenerife (Three Times!!) that featured both shamanism and yoga.


About Russell.

Russell is a fully qualified RYT200 Yoga Teacher in Classical Ashtanga, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. He teaches levels from complete beginner to intermediate level. He trained and qualified with Yogacharya Barath Shetty at IndeaYoga in Mysore, India.  He is very grateful for his time in Mysore as it greatly deepened his knowledge of yoga asana, not just to teach, but to also use it effectively to help people of all ages with any health issues that they may have.

He decided to become a professional yoga teacher to pursue what quickly became his passion and to use the knowledge he has gained so far to share the benefits of yoga with anybody who has the need or desire to learn.


About Cat.

Cat - Yoga Teacher @ YMH

Catriona’s passion for yoga was first ignited during a trip to India in 2009 where she realised that yoga allowed for tranquillity and respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. On returning to Glasgow, Catriona discovered Vinyasa Flow Yoga, established her own regular self practice regime and found that this helped calm her body and mind after busy days at work.

In 2013, Catriona embarked on a two month intensive Hatha Yoga course in Thailand. Following this she spent several weeks in an Indian ashram studying meditation and Sivananda style Yoga before going on to complete her teacher training in Ashtanga/ Vinyasa Flow in Goa, India. Catriona has also completed courses in Iyengar, Yin Yoga, Kids and Family Yoga which has given her a great passion and respect for all types of yoga. This is reflected in Catriona’s teaching style which, although has it’s roots in Vinyasa Flow, fuses aspects of various yoga traditions.

Catriona has a keen interest in how yoga philosophy, practice and techniques can improve mental health and wellbeing. She holds regular classes with the NHS and local charities, combining this with her work as a mental health social worker. She prides herself on offering a safe, supportive and enjoyable environment, equipping individuals from all backgrounds with skills to better deal with stress, improving health and well-being.


About Natalie.

Natalie Jones Yoga Meditation Healing Glasgow

Natalie qualified initially as a Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher (RYT 200) in London in 2015. She went on to qualify as a Teen Yoga teacher, then trained in Functional Anatomy with Forrest Yoga Guardian, Jambo Truong and has received 1-to-1 lessons on teaching yoga to children in Primary school from Michael Chissick (Yoga At School). Natalie also takes the pregnancy yoga class at Yoga Meditation Healing. Prior to becoming a yoga teacher Natalie held Senior Management positions at L’Oreal Ltd, for over 15 years. She is passionate about yoga and on sharing the the confidence, peace of mind and general health and well-being that yoga provides, with others.


About Shahana – Pilates Teacher.

Shahana Noor Classical Pilates Teacher Glasgow

Shahana has been Professionally involved with body work, fitness coaching & Pilates for many years, she has a deep understanding of the body and uses her knowledge within Pilates and these other modalities to help individuals create a healthier body and lifestyle. Shahana is qualified to teach Pilates for pregnancy, or to assist recovery from back pain. Her classes are open to both men and women. Her West End Pilates classes are now being held at Yoga Meditation Healing. You can contact Shahana for further information and advice about her Pilates classes in Glasgow at the “Contact Us Here” Link below.

Yoga truly is for everyone, no matter what age or level of flexibility – The various classes held at Yoga Meditation Healing strive to reflect this belief. For details of all Yoga & Meditation classes, Workshops, Retreats, or Complementary Therapies we offer: Contact us Here:

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